Our Beginning

Our beginning…

More than 25 years ago, one simple act of kindness would forever change the life of Barbara Haramis and the touch the lives of over 250,000 children suffering with cancer.

While visiting her sister in medical school, Barbara learned about a five year old boy who was being treated for leukemia. Day after day, he would lay alone in his hospital bed. His parents needed to work during the day to help to pay his medical bills. His only visitors were doctors and caring nurses. This young boy’s only wish was to have a Nintendo Gameboy to help pass the lonely hours.

Barbara realized that she could not cure the boy's cancer, but she could bring him joy by purchasing the Gameboy for him. It was in that moment that Childhood Leukemia Foundation was born.

Since then, Barbara has always wanted to make a difference in the lives of young children struggling with cancer. Thus, she began the arduous process of creating a non-profit to help improve the day to day lives of children battling all types of cancer.

Today, she continues to provide stability and vision for Childhood Leukemia Foundation. Barbara recognizes that in order to help children battling cancer, innovative new ideas must always be converted into reality. She also believes that great success is achieved by creating great relationships. Through the combined efforts of loyal donors, grant makers and dedicated staff, the organization continues to put big smiles on the faces of children battling cancer.